GEOSS Support for Decision-Making in the Coastal Zone: Managing and Mitigating the Impacts of Human Activities and Natural Hazards in the Coastal Zone

A workshop series organized by the GEO Coastal Zone Community of Practice

Decision-Making Support For Coastal Zone Management, Water Resources & Climate Change In Africa

Sub-Theme 1: Strengthening Observing Systems Capacity for Managing and Mitigating the Impacts of Human Activities and Coastal Inundation in the African Region
Sub-Theme 2: Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Africa

February 15-18, 2010, Cotonou, Benin

The CZCP Regional Workshop in West Africa is integrated into a broader Workshop jointly organized by UNESCO-IOC-GOOS-Africa-IHP, AARSE, GEO, and the Coastal Zone Community of Practice. The program of Sub-Theme 1 of the Workshop is organized by the CZCP.

Venue: The choice of Cotonou, Benin's economic captial, as location for the regional CZCP Workshop in West Africa underscores the need to focus attention on a growing threat from coastal erosion, muddy coastlines, and rapid urbanization in ecologically vulnerable coastal areas along the West Africa coastal zone (see, for example, the report "Benin's Cotonou - a city slowly swallowed by waves").

The workshop will take place at the Palais des Congres in Cotonou. For some information on the venue, see here ...

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