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GEOSS Support for Decision-Making in the Coastal Zone: Managing and Mitigating the Impacts of Human Activities and Natural Hazards in the Coastal Zone

A workshop series organized by the GEO Coastal Zone Community of Practice

Earth Observation Support for Sustainable Tourism in Small Island States
March 9-11, 2011, Puerto Rico


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1700-1900Arrival & Registration
1900-2100LOC & SC Informal Meeting

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

0830-0930Arrival & Registration
0930-1030Opening Session.
Chair: Roy Watlington
0930-1030 Julio Morell, CARA, University of Puerto Rico
Douglas Cripe, GEO Secretariat, Group on Earth Observations (presentation)
Paul DiGiacomo, GEO Coastal Zone Community of Practice (CZCP) (presentation)
Ernesto Diaz: The coastal zone and its conflicts of interest: the example of Puerto Rico (presentation)
1030-1100Coffee Break
1100-1500Plenary Session 1: Identifying Information Needs and Gaps
Chair: Ernesto Diaz
1100-1130Deirdre Shurland: Earth observation support for tourism: the view from the end user (presentation)
1130-1200Sophia Rolle: Resolving current and future conflicts between tourism and ecosystems: what are the information needs and gaps? (abstract, presentation)
1200-1230Bill Proenza: Sustainable tourism and natural hazards: information needs for increased safety (presentation)
1230-1300Lorna Inniss: Coastal and inland planning in support of sustainable tourism: information needs and gaps (presentation)
1400-1420Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson: Increasing the economic perspectives of sustainable tourism: information needs and gaps (paper)
1420-1440Acolla Lewis-Cameron Sustainable Tourism: capacity building and educational needs (abstract, presentation)
1440-1730Plenary Session 2: Introducing the Opportunities and Challenges
Chair: Paul DiGiacomo
1440-1500Douglas Cripe: GEOSS: a framework for deriving and delivering services for the coastal zone (presentation)
1500-1530Doug Wilson: The physical observing system: from monitoring and predicting hazards to long-term changes (presentation)
1530-1600LaVerne E. Ragster: The biological observing system: capturing changes in ecosystems and biodiversity (presentation)
1600-1630Coffee Break
1630-1650Zdenka Willis: US GEO and US IOOS (presentation)
1650-1710Julio Morell The regional observing system: status, challenges, and plans (presentation)
1710-1730Hans-Peter Plag Earth observation support for adaptation to an uncertain sea level rise (presentation)
1730-1800Plenary Session 3: Challenges and Issues
Chairs: Hans-Peter Plag
1730-1800Hans-Peter Plag: Guidance for the Breakout sessions Summary of Needs, Capabilities, Gaps and Challenges (presentation)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

0900-0940Plenary Session 3 (continued): Challenges and Issues
Chairs: Hans-Peter Plag
0900-0930Cesar Toro: Summary of Needs, Capabilities, Gaps and Challenges (presentation)
0930-0940Guidance for the breakout sessions
0940-1230Breakout Sessions
0940-1230 Breakout Session B1: Natural hazards: Increasing the safety of tourism in the Caribbean through observations and early warning
Conveners: Roy Watlington, Elizabeth Riley (tbc), Christa von Hillebrandt, Bill Proenza
Breakout Session B2: Ecosystems, and biodiversity: Increasing benefits for sustainable tourism and reducing impacts
Conveners: Laverne Ragster, Sophia Rolle
1400-1500 Session B3: Long-term planning: Trends, economic challenges, and climate change
Conveners: Ernesto Diaz, Carlos Fuller
1500-1600 Session B4: Linking providers and users: decision support systems and organizational aspects
Conveners: Jennifer Nugent-Hill, Brad Nugent
1600-1700Poster Session
  Victor Huérfano-Moreno, Carolina Hincapié-Cárdenas: Tsunami ready program in Puerto Rico (abstract, Poster, low resolution, Poster, full resolution, 200MB)
  Kasey R. Jacobs, Ernesto L. Diaz: Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Vulnerability and Climate Change Adaptation Program (abstract)
  Ruth Santiago and Comité Dialogo Ambiental, Inc.: Coal Ash Disposal in Puerto Rico (abstract)
  Hans-Peter Plag: The Coastal Zone Community of Practice (Poster, low resolution,Poster, full resolution)
  Hans-Peter Plag: The Geohazards Community of Practice (Poster, low resolution,Poster, full resolution)
1700-1800Plenary Session 4: Reports from the Breakout Sessions
Chairs: Jorge Corredor, Doug Wilson
1700-1720 Jennifer Nugent-Hill: Report from Breakout Session 1
1720-1740 Lorna Inniss: Report from Breakout Session 2 (recommendations)
1740-1800 All: Open discussion of the reports and lessons learned

Friday, March 11, 2011

0900-0945Plenary Session 5: The View Forward
Chairs: Douglas Cripe, Paul DiGiacomo
0900-0920 Elizabeth Riley: Disaster management in the Caribbean
0920-0945 Carlos Fuller: Summary of observational and modeling challenges: towards user-oriented services
0945-1100Plenary Session 6: Utilizing the full benefits of Earth observations for sustainable tourism
Chair: Michael Bruno
0945-0955 Hans-Peter Plag: Overview of Workshop outputs: Draft Recommendations
0955-1000 Paul DiGiacomo: Top-down and bottom-up in the GEO context (slide)
1000-1050 Discussion of Recommendations (draft recommendations)
1050-1100 Paul DiGiacomo, Michael Bruno, Roy Watlington, Hans-Peter Plag: Closing Statement, Farewell

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